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Safety is at the core of Bedford’s ReadySeries lineup of modular FRP components, and no safety solution is complete without industrial stair safety. That’s where ReadyStair comes in. The pre-engineered FRP stair systems and stair towers have a range of safety elements built in. In an industrial setting, an accident on stair towers or stairways can result in unfortunate outcomes.

ReadyStair also gives you versatility to meet almost every design challenge. ReadyStair towers are made for easy installation, with a standardized footprint rising in 6-foot increments between landings. 

Components Of Industrial Stair Safety

A safe industrial stair solution must have:
  • precision design and construction
  • the strength to handle load demands
  • proper railings and landings
  • slip resistance
The Harrington Difference
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Meeting OSHA Requirements

ReadyStair is your assurance of meeting OSHA requirements — whether you need a stair tower, stairs with a raised platform, or any configuration with stairs. To meet OSHA requirements and maximize safety, ReadyStair solutions incorporate all the key components of industrial stair safety:

Precision Design and Construction

From degrees of riser height to tread width, OSHA has strict guidelines for industrial stairs. ReadyStair stairs and stair towers meet all the requirements for stair width between vertical barriers, tread depth, riser height and tread nosing. Plus, all ReadyStair components are designed for easy installation with ordinary tools, so maintaining the precision specs during construction is a breeze.


OSHA stair standards require a design able to carry a load five times greater than the anticipated load, with a minimum load of 1,000 pounds. Guardrails and handrails must be capable of withstanding a minimum of 200 pounds of pressure applied from any direction at any point along the rails. Because all ReadyStair materials, which include ReadyRail handrails and guardrails, are made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), you can rest assured that your ReadyStair system will meet or exceed all strength requirements.

Slip Resistance

OSHA 1926.1052(a)(7) gets right to the point: “Slippery conditions on stairways shall be eliminated before the stairways are used to reach other levels.” ReadyStair stair towers and stairways have anti-slip surfaces built into every stair tread for safety and compliance.

Proper Railings and Landings

As mentioned above, there are specific outward pressure requirements for guardrails and handrails. There are also height and spacing guidelines, requirements for landing depth, and still other landing requirements when the stairway has a door or gate. In addition to utilizing ReadyRail handrails and guardrails, ReadyStair stair towers also feature ReadyPlatform materials to form landings. The combination ensures that you’ll meet all OSHA stair landing requirements, and your railings will also meet all IBC guidelines.

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