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InterApp is a preeminent producer of state-of-the-art butterfly valves, ball valves, actuators, and accessories engineered for the most exacting and demanding applications for various industries.

InterApp — High-quality valves and actuators

InterApp — a member of the AVK Group — develops and manufactures superior valves, actuators and solutions for the most difficult applications in various industries. With its valves and regulating devices, InterApp provides leading-edge solutions when it comes to transporting and regulating liquids, gases and solids as safely as possible. 

InterApp Valves

InterApp products — such as actuators, ball valves, butterfly valves — have been designed to meet the most challenging requirements. InterApp products are manufactured in its own site to the highest critical standards with durable, resistant materials — complying with international rules and regulations.

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Harrington is an InterApp distributor of various valves and flow control solutions. Call our toll-free number at 1-800-213-4528 and you will be connected to a live person – not a recording. You can also use the contact form below for any questions regarding our line of InterApp products.

InterApp - Bianca® – Butterfly Valve

BIANCA – Butterfly Valve DN 32-900

The Bianca butterfly valve has been designed and manufactured for over 20 years in Switzerland. The valves are built for long-lasting use in highly demanding media and environments up to 16 bar. It is PTFE lined for corrosive fluids and high-purity applications. 

Bianca butterfly valves are available with a ductile iron body and a stainless steel body as wafer, lug or U-section body type. The Bianca butterfly valves are highly versatile and can also be used in explosive environments because of the range of conductive disc and liner materials.  Also available are high-purity, LABS-free and ATEX versions.

Liner Materials:

Ultraflon®, Ultraflon® conductive, PTFE, PTFE conductive, UltraleneTM

Disc Materials:

Stainless Steel, PFA, PFA Conductive, Hastelloy, Duplex, the full metal discs available mechanically polished Ra < 0.8, Stainless steel electro polished Ra < 0.4 / Fe < 1%

Norms & Certificates:
InterApp - DESPONIA® – Butterfly Valve

DESPONIA® – Butterfly Valve DN 25-1600

Desponia® butterfly valves have been manufactured and engineered in Spain for over 30 years. The valves are built for highly demanding environments up to 16 bar. Desponia® butterfly valves are centric butterfly valves with an elastomer liner — available as wafer, lug, or U-section type.

The Desponia® butterfly valves are multi-purpose, modular, and state-of-the-art with outstanding durability and resistance. Desponia® butterfly valves can come with a cast iron or ductile iron body depending on the application. Its multiple disc combinations, resistant body, and the sturdy liner — available in many different materials  make Desponia® a truly outstanding valve for various rigorous applications.

Liner Materials:

CSM, ECO, EPDM, Flucast®Nitrile, FPM, Silicone, White and Bue liners for food applications

Disc Materials:

Ultralene Coating™, PEKK, Rilsan®, Polyurethan, Halar®Nickel plated, Nickel aluminium bronze, Stainless steel, Super Austenitic Steel and Hastelloy, Stainless steel (Ra < 0.8)

Norms & Certificates:
InterApp - DESPONIA® – Butterfly Valve

DESPONIA® plus – Butterfly valve DN 25-600

Desponia® plus butterfly valves has been engineered and manufactured for over 30 years in Spain. Desponia® plus butterfly valves are built for long-lasting use in environments up to 20 bar. The valves can be supplied with stainless steel body, ductile iron, or cast iron. 

The robust liner (available in many different materials)multiple disc combinations, and the resistant body make Desponia® plus butterfly valves a modular and multi-purpose valve with outstanding resistance and durability.       

Liner Materials:

EPDM, CSM, ECO, FPM, Flucast®Nitrile, Silicone, white and blue liners for food applications

Disc Materials:

PEKK, Ultralene Coating™, Rilsan®, Polyurethan, Halar®Super austenitic steel and Hastelloy, Nickel plated, Nickel aluminium bronze, Stainless steel, Stainless steel (Ra < 0.8)

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