Coconut Tropi-Carb™ Carbon Cartridges

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Harrington Industrial Plastics - Harmsco - Coconut Tropi-Carb

Higher Chlorine Reduction

Fewer Cartridges to Replace = Less Down Time!

Save time during cartridge change-outs with fewer cartridges, and less down time! The Tropi-CarbTM cartridge filter series are available in 9-3/4”, 19-1/2”, 29-1/4”, & 39” lengths. These high performance cartridges can be used in all Harmsco Involute®, BC, FSSS, and HIF series filter housings. Contact Harmsco for more information and to place an order today!

No More Cartridge Stacking!


  • 100% Coconut Shell Carbon
  • High Performance Chlorine Reduction
  • Low Initial Pressure Drop
  • Excellent Contaminate Reduction
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Long Cartridge Life


  • Drinking Water Filtration
  • Food & Beverage Filtration
  • Point of Entry Residential Filtration
  • Point of Use Residential Filtration
  • Water Bottling Filtration
  • Science / Laboratory
  • Marine / Aquatic Filtration
  • Wastewater Reclamation
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • RO Pre-filtration


  • Carbon: 100% Coconut shell PAC
  • End caps: Polypropylene
  • Inner / Outer Wraps: Polypropylene
  • Nettings: Polyethylene
  • Gaskets: EPDM
  • Temperature Rating: 40˚F (4˚C) to 140˚F (60˚C)

Performance – Performance claims are based on independent lab results and manufacturer’s internal test data. Actual performance is dependent on influent water quality, flow rates, system design and applications. Your results may vary. Performance data has not been tested or validated by NSF.

Micron Ratings – Micron ratings are based on 85% or greater removal of the stated nominal micron rating.

Capacity – Estimated capacity based on using 2 ppm free chlorine with greater than 90% reduction.

Cartridges (new) – Flush new cartridges until water runs clear prior to use.

Coconut Tropi-Carb® Carbon Cartridges

Filtration is made easy & convenient combining Tropi-Carb® carbon block cartridges with Harmsco’s HIF, Involute®, BC and FSSS filter housings. No cartridge stacking.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Tropi-Carb

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