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+GF+ Smart Electric Actuator Type dEA

The dEA Smart Electric Actuator by Georg Fischer is the first product that can be entirely operated through a mobile application. In addition to being technologically advanced and well-equipped, it offers high peak torques ranging from 25 Nm to 250 Nm, making it capable of automating a wide range of valves.

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Advantages of PVC Plastic Pipes

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic pipes are widely used in various applications due to their numerous advantages. These pipes are highly durable, cost-effective, and resistant to chemicals and corrosion, making them a popular choice for various industries such as construction, agriculture, and plumbing.

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Harrington Acquires the Crist Group

Harrington Industrial Plastics (“Harrington”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Crist Group (“Crist”), in partnership with the company’s owner, Paul Crist. Headquartered in Woodland, CA, Crist is a leading specialty fabricator of critical fluid process components and assemblies with a focus on the semiconductor end market and applications in other markets including medical.

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Harrington Acquires Commercial Industrial Supply (CIS)

Harrington Industrial Plastics (“Harrington”) has acquired Commercial Industrial Supply (CIS) in partnership with CIS Owner, Ron Heisler. The acquisition of CIS will round out Harrington’s national footprint in the Carolina’s and will enable both Harrington and CIS to better service their customers.

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Bedford ReadyStair

Safety is at the core of Bedford’s ReadySeries lineup of modular FRP components, and no safety solution is complete without industrial stair safety. That’s where ReadyStair comes in. The pre-engineered FRP stair systems and stair towers have a range of safety elements built in. Humans have been climbing stairs for years, and in that time, they’ve been tripping and stumbling on them for just as long. Stairs seem so easy, yet missteps often happen. In an industrial setting, an accident on stair towers or stairways can have unfortunate outcomes.

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Bedford ReadySeries

Bedford introduces the new ReadySeries lineup of pre-engineered FRP structures that help you meet any configuration need quickly and affordably. These OSHA-compliant modular components bolt together easily with ordinary tools. Unlike metal and wood, FRP composite ladders won’t shrink, swell, warp, corrode, attract insects or conduct electricity, so you can count on meeting safety needs for years to come.

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GF 4630 Chlorine Analyzer System (Gen II)

The GF Chlorine Analyzer System is an integrated, all-in-one system designed to measure free chlorine or chlorine dioxide. Quick to set up and easy to install, the analyzers are supplied with a 100-240 VAC power supply, two 4 to 20 mA outputs, and two dry contact mechanical relays.

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Flexible Tubing

Flexible Tubing – Serving a Critical Role

Flexible tubing serves a critical and important role to a wide range of industries. There is a never-ending number of formulations that have been created to withstand all that the applications require. From a simple PVC tube to a multi-layer tube that resists permeation to multi-lumen tubing generally used in the medical field, tubing answers the need.

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What are Phthalates?

Phthalates… What are they and what do I need to know?

Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break. Over the last several years, Phthalate has created a big change in the world of plasticized plastics. The term “phthalate” is used in the context of plasticizers, referring to any one of a family compounds called “ortho-phthalates”. Plasticizers are a component of many flexible plastic products, especially flexible PVC.

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