Our Markets

Harrington leads the process solutions industry in supporting customers on mission-critical processes. Customers turn to Harrington for our expertise, product availability, and unmatched customer service.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Aquatic Life Support

Aquatic Life Support

The aquatic animal community is focused on the health and well-being of animals and also water quality. This is why Harrington offers only the highest quality and most reliable products that are put into service in a life support system.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Life science applications demand durability, reliability, regulatory compliance, traceability of raw materials, and design flexibility. Harrington provides product solutions
for these very demanding applications. 

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Chemical


Chemical processing applications vary greatly. However, one constant is the need for corrosion resistant products. Harrington offers the industry longer-lasting, lighter weight, and corrosion resistant products to these applications.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Petrochemical


There are several chemical applications used throughout a plant. For example, Sodium Hypochlorite is used to control microbial growth and Sulfuric Acid is used to adjust pH. These chemical applications are perfect for Harrington’s line of plastic-lined steel products.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Water Park Pool


Harrington is dedicated to providing quality products and equipment for safe water treatment. Water recreation in various facilities, resorts and water parks rely on Harrington products and services.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Pulp Paper

Pulp & Paper

Harrington offers a full range of containment systems including closed or open-top vertical tanks in flat or cone bottoms along with horizontal, double containment and a wide range of UN/DOT-approved IBCs and containment basins.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Food Beverage Processing

Food & Beverage Processing

Harrington specializes in providing FDA and USDA-approved, easy-to-sanitize, corrosion-resistant products and materials for the food and beverage processing industries.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Microelectronics


Microelectronics manufacturing requires the cleanest water possible and handles some of the most corrosive chemicals. We provide the most diverse product solutions for these unique applications.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Fluid Handling

Industrial Fluid Handling

Regardless of your processing application, Harrington will keep your operations running smoothly, thanks to our extensive corrosion-resistant product offering.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Waste Water

Water/Waste Water

Producing safe drinking water and treating waste water requires various chemicals that require the appropriate corrosion resistant products to handle these harsh applications. Harrington has the products required to keep these plants in safe operation.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Harrington provides corrosion resistant piping systems, valves, actuators, and many other components ideally suited for use in many metal finishing applications.


For over 55 years, Harrington has been providing top quality reliable products to the semiconductor industry. Harrington Pure offers a wide variety of quality tubing, piping, valves and fittings for the high-purity markets.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Bio Pharm


In Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, sterility and high purity are mandatory. Harrington offers the highest quality products in order to meet the high standards and specifications.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Commercial Water

Commercial Water

Harrington is a quality supplier of piping systems for the commercial water markets. We provide piping system components for schools, hotels, apartments, health care facilities, manufacturers and other higher volume water users needing high quality water.

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Breweries Wineries Distilleries

Breweries, Wineries & Distilleries

Harrington offers a variety of solutions for the brewery, winery, and distillery markets. Weather you’re a microbrew, vineyard or even a large scale distillery Harrington is your source for piping, filtration, bulk storage and all your other system needs.