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Harrington has a long tradition of supplying high-purity piping materials to the microelectronics industries and is committed to expanding our product offerings of all materials to the high-purity marketplace. 


Pure Group

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Harrington has a long tradition of selling high-purity materials to the microelectronics industries. In 2011, Harrington started a recommitment to expand the offerings of all materials to the high-purity industries. This took a step forward with the acquisition of E&S Technologies in 2014, and this has grown into the industry leading Harrington Pure specialty group. Harrington Pure operates from N. Chelmsford, MA and supports end users, OEM manufacturers, and contractors that work in the microelectronics and life sciences industries.

With a national specialty sales team, Harrington Pure is the market leader for:
  • High-purity and complimentary waste pipe, valves and fittings
  • High-purity pumps, tanks, heat exchangers and instrumentation
  • Specialty cleanroom materials and process solutions
The Harrington Difference
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Harrington is a leading high-purity distributor. Call our toll-free number at 1-800-213-4528 and you will be connected to a live person – not a recording. You can also use the contact form below for any questions regarding our full line of high-purity products.

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Pressure Devices

  • Pressure Transducers
    • Gas
      • Precision Sensors
    • Liquid
      • TEM-Tech
    • Pressure Switches
      • Gas / Vacuum
        • Precision Sensors
    • Pressure Gauges
      • Gauges
        • SS
          • Wika
        • SS UHP
          • TBD
        • Gauge Guards
          • PFA
            • Furon
          • PVDF
            • Plast-O-Matic
    • Differential Pressure
      • PSI EchoLine

Flow Devices

  • Flow Control
    • Gas MFC
      • Horiba
    • Liquid MFC
      • Horiba
      • Malema
    • Flow Switches
      • Precision Sensors
    • Misc
      • Static Mixer
        • Furon
      • Liquid Aspirators
        • Furon
Horiba and UE Precision Sensors Hero Image

Pipe, Valve & Fittings


  • PFA
    • Furon


  • PFA
    • Saint Gobain
    • iPolymer
  • 316L SS
    • AVCO
      • Sanitary Ball Valves
    • Gemu
    • Ham-Let
    • TK-Fujikin
      • Springless Diaphragm
    • GEA
  • PTFE-lined Butterfly Valves
    • InterApp


  • PFA
    • Fit-Line
    • Saint Gobain
    • iPolymer
  • 316L SS
    • Cardinal
    • Winter
    • Ham-Let
    • TK-Fujikin
    • GasFlo


  • PFA
    • Saint Gobain
    • Altaflo
  • 316L SS
    • Cardinal
    • Winter
  • FEP
    • Saint Gobain

Specialty Items


  • TK-Fujikin
  • Furon


  • NuPure
    • Weld Argon
    • UHP Gases

Sanitary Hoses

  • Ace Sanitary

Spray Guns

  • PFA
    • iPolymer

Pressure Regulators

  • PFA
    • Furon
      • Back Pressure
      • Pressure Control
    • iPolymer
  • SS – UHP
    • TK-Fujikin
  • SS – CFOS
    • TK-Fujikin

Process Tools

  • Forthrite – Chamber Endpoint Detection
Ace Sanitary Hero Image

Heat Transfer

Heat Exchangers

  • Exergy
    • Shell & Tube
      • Sanitary
      • General
    • POU Systems
    • Tube-in-Tube


  • Lauda-Brinkmann

Heater Jackets

  • Briskheat
Exergy and Lauda Products



  • PFA Tanks
    • RMB
    • iPolymer
  • PFA Bottles
    • RMB
  • Furon


  • White Knight
  • Levitronix
  • Furon 


  • SS Orbital Welding
    • CSI
    • Consumables
  • Flaring Tools
    • Fit-Line
Saint-Gobain - Furon - Critical Systems, Inc.

Cleanroom Products

Wire Shelves

  • Lynndale – Custom Cleanroom Furniture


  • Simco Ion

Wafer Handling

  • H-Square
    • Wafer Cassettes
    • Wafer Handling
  • ECC

Cleanroom Consumables

  • Teknipure
    • Cleanroom Wipes
    • Gloves
    • Mops & Swabs

Cleanroom Labels

  • Cleanmark Labels
SIMCO Ion and H-Square Corp Hero Image

Buy your next high-purity product from Harrington and experience the difference.

Harrington provides a variety of fluid & gas handling, and control application solutions utilizing high-purity and high-performance materials. Our complete product offering includes valves, pumps, filters, tanks, heaters, process and waste pipe & fittings, and instrumentation in high-purity and high-performance plastics & metals. Our application engineers have knowledge of your specific product areas and markets and can quickly answer questions about your critical process & control needs.

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Call our toll-free number at 1-800-213-4528 and you will be connected to a live person – not a recording. You can also use the contact form above for any questions regarding our frp products.