Solutions for Commercial Pool & Water Parks

Harrington's Specialized Product Solutions for Pool & Water Parks

Harrington offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored for Commercial Pool & Water Parks, providing specialized equipment and materials to ensure safe, enjoyable, and efficient water management. One of the key solutions they provide includes pool pumps and filtration systems, meticulously designed to maintain water clarity and cleanliness in commercial pools and water parks. These essential systems effectively remove impurities and contaminants from the water, ensuring a safe and pleasant swimming experience for all visitors. Additionally, the company offers a variety of pool plumbing components, such as PVC and CPVC fittings and valves, crucial for creating efficient and leak-free water circulation systems in these facilities.

Another crucial aspect of water management in pool and water park settings is proper chemical handling. Harrington provides a wide range of chemical handling equipment, including pumps and storage tanks, specially designed to handle water treatment chemicals safely and accurately. This precise chemical handling is essential for maintaining water quality and ensuring the safety of pool and water park visitors.

With these specialized solutions, Harrington plays a vital role in supporting the Commercial Pool & Water Parks industry, helping businesses create exceptional aquatic environments that meet the highest standards of safety and cleanliness. Whether it’s pool pumps and filtration, chemical handling equipment, or efficient pipe systems, Harrington’s offerings are precisely tailored to meet the diverse needs of this dynamic and entertaining sector.

Large Diameter Piping

Harrington stocks large inventories of pipe and fittings in PVC schedule 40 and 80 in sizes up to 24 inches in diameter, ready for immediate delivery!

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Large Diameter Piping
Harrington Industrial Plastics - Large Diameter Piping

Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Meter​

Harrington Industrial Plastics - Aquatic Signet


  • Color coded for compressed air (light blue)
  • 100% leak free from a correctly made solvent joint
  • Easy to handle—1/8th the weight of steel
  • Quick to join by solvent welding
  • Speed of installation—no special equipment required
  • Tough and ductile
  • Metric sized; equivalent inch sizes are: 20 (1/2”), 25 (3/4”), 32 (1”), 50 (1-1/2”), 63 (2”), 90 (3”), 110 (4”)
  • 6″ & 8″ are IPS-sized, gray in color, with pressure ratings of 180 psi and 145 psi respectively

Compatible Units:

  • 515 Rotor-X flow 
  • 525 Metalex flow
  • 2000 Micro-flow
  • 2100 Turbine flow 
  • 2350 Temperature 
  • 2450 Pressure 
  • 2507 Mini-flow 
  • 2517 Brass flow 
  • 2536 Rotor-X flow 
  • 2540 SS flow 
  • 2552 Electromagnetic 
  • 2750 DryLoc sensor 
  • 2850 Conductivity 
  • 7000 Vortex flow
  • 8058 Signal converter 
  • 8059 External relay module

Asahi Type 56 & 75 Butterfly Valves

  • Outstanding abrasion resistance at elevated temperatures
  • Ideally suited for throttling highly corrosive chemicals
  • Bubble-tight seating
  • Non-wetted 316/403 stainless steel shaft.T-handle operating nuts or tandem arrangements
  • Style 56 sizes: 1-1/2″- 16″, Style 75 sizes: 18”- 24” (not shown)
  • Lever handle: 1-1/2″- 8″, gear operator: 8″- 24″
  • Models: wafer style (for ANSI, full face, flat flanges)
  • Style 56 bodies: PVC, PVDF and polypropylene
  • Style 75 bodies: PVDF and polypropylene
  • Discs: polypropylene, PVDF
  • Seats/seals: EPDM, Viton, nitrile (Buna N), butyl, Hypalon®, silicone, neoprene 
  • Actuators: electric, pneumatic
Harrington Industrial Plastics - Asahi Butterfly Valves
Harrington Industrial Plastics - Snyder Open Top Tank System

Snyder Open Top Tank System

  • High-density liner polyethylene (HDLPE) natural color complies with FDA Regulation 177.1520 and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) 61 standard
  • Molded in gallon and liter markers provide gallonage indication for the life of the tank
  • Unique stand design provides strength and accessibility for forklift handling
  • Plastic stands elevate tanks off the floor 12 to 18 inches for fitting and piping clearance
  • Heavy-duty plastic stand is corrosion proof and available for both flat and cone bottom tanks
  • Hinged or bolted sealed lid designs are available and provide greater protection from dust and debris

Daldorado DalLUX™(STS) Stone & Tile Support System

Daldorado brings over 75 years of combined innovative experience delivering the highest quality grating, main drains and deck-drain systems.

Stone and tile add natural beauty and timeless elegance and is prized for its strength and durability. With the Daldorado DalLUX (STS) stone and tile support grate system, designers can take their decking to the next level by bringing the deck to the water’s edge for superior aesthetics and functionality.