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MINICHLORGEN Chlorine Electrolysis System

Safe, reliable & efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

MINICHLORGEN sodium hypochlorite systems provide an on-demand supply of <1.0 % sodium hypochlorite solution, generated through the electrolysis of diluted brine solution.

The MINICHLORGEN system automatically draws a concentrated brine solution from a salt saturator which is then diluted to the correct strength with softened water for efficient electrolysis. The diluted brine is automatically fed to the electrolytic cell where electric current is passed through the solution, producing sodium hypochlorite. The automatic process cycle is repeated until the product tank is filled.

Conventional sodium hypochlorite loses up to 20% of the chlorine it contains during storage. The 1% sodium hypochlorite generated by MINICHLORGEN does not require any additives; its chlorine contents remain stable over months.

Generated in close proximity to the process, the direct storage and dosing of sodium hypochlorite rules out accidental spillage of the sodium hypochlorite and contact with the operating personnel.

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  • No offgassing as with conventional sodium hypochlorite solutions in dosing pumps
  • Eliminate injection point scaling associated with commercial sodium and calcium hypochlorites
  • One single MINICHLORGEN unit can provide chlorine disinfection for multiple injection points using a common product tank and dosing pumps
  • Eliminate delivery & handling of hazardous chemicals
    Generate on-site for on-demand or residual storage
  • Simple and low maintenance frequency
  • Considerable Health & Safety benefits
  • Long 5-Year electrolyzer life span
  • Handle only salt

Areas of Application

  • Dairies / Breweries cleaning in place (CIP)
  • Chlorination of potable water supplies
  • Food washing / processing treatment
  • Swimming & Spa pool disinfection
  • Industrial chlorination treatments
  • Cooling tower biocide treatment
  • Secondary disinfection
  • Animal husbandry


  • MINICHLORGEN models available for 30, 60 and 90 g/h chlorine capacity
  • Vivid LED illumination from the electrolytic chamber offers indication of the chlorine generation process and the current process – status
  • Easy to operate, multi-lingual control panel & OLED display with status indicators
  • Operational parameters displayed and code protected programming
  • Volumetric flow measurement of water and brine for consistent, high efficient electrolysis
  • Safe operation by ambient air monitoring from a hydrogen detector
  • Remote transfer of error messages, data logging & RS485 options
  • MINICHLORGEN is supplied with hardware for wall mounting, tank level-switch kit and brine suction assembly
  • Alarm event-log with real time recording
  • Robust and corrosion resistant housing

Technical Data