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Filter Pump Industries continually researches new & innovative technologies to give customers the most cutting-edge systems

Filter Pump Industries strength is product durability and pump design performance.

Filter Pump Industries

Filter Pump Industries is proud to manufacture all of their products right in Southern California. Filter Pump Industries has been the leader in metal finishing and fluid management systems for over forty years. Filter Pump Industries  continually researches innovative technologies and employs those into our product lines to give our customers the latest and most cutting-edge systems for their specific applications.

Filter Pump Industries offers a full line of high performance pumps, filter systems and filtration medias. In-house engineering and manufacturing allows Filter Pump Industries to achieve legendary reliability and spectacular performance. Attention to detail assures that superior value is delivered with quality and performance, maintaining quality control to the finished product. 

The Harrington Difference
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Harrington is a leading Filter Pump Industries distributor. Call our toll-free number at 1-800-213-4528 and you will be connected to a live person – not a recording. You can also use the contact form below for any questions regarding our full line of Filter Pump Industries products.

Penguin Pumps is a leader in many industrial markets & your source for pumps for every application

Penguin Pumps offer the most advanced pumps for every industrial application. Penguin pumps are ruggedly constructed yet compact, energy-efficient, easily maintained, corrosion-resistant, capable of handling both high temperatures and high flow rates and feature the latest hydraulic technology. Our pumps are ideally suited for the demands of chemical and metals processing industries and are compatible with a wide range of acids, alkaline and abrasive solutions. Our vertical pump line features an extended design for immersion into solutions. 

Penguin Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps
Horizontal pumps and centrifugal pumps are designed as an economical alternative for OEM applications which require high flow rates under moderate head conditions with minimum suction lift. A true volute design accompanied by a full diameter impeller creates a highly efficient, energy-saving pump since less horsepower is required. The true volute design eliminates shock losses, prolongs seal life, and produces smooth and quiet operation. The rear impeller vanes are designed to insure proper lubrication of the seal cavity while the central discharge of the pump housing prevents air locking.

Penguin Series HOM Centrifugal Pumps

The HOM series horizontal pumps and centrifugal pumps are easy to assemble and disassemble. The pump bracket and half the volute are one piece. The V-band tightens and seals the front cover to the volute pump housing, thus eliminating the use of many housing cover nuts and bolts. The volute pump housing and cover are supplied in glass filled polypropylene and the impeller is CPVC.

Penguin Series HSC Centrifugal Pumps

The HSC series are corrosion-resistant, all-purpose 316L stainless steel pumps ideal for many O.E.M. and chemical processing applications, including many acids and alkalies, as well as solvents to 250ºF. The high efficiency of this horizontal pump produces up to 90 feet of head. The HSC series pump is widely used for transfer of non-flammable, nonabrasive fluids which are compatible with pump component materials including cleaners, caustic materials, salt solutions, chlorinated solvents, and de-ionized water. Wet ends are available separately for placement on customers’ own motors.

Penguin Series HV Horizontal End Suction Pumps

Series HV Horizontal Pumps End Suction Centrifugal pumps are designed to the latest hydraulic technology. A true volute design provides an energy saving pump because less horsepower (HP) is required. The HV series horizontal pumps has a higher flow versus pressure, yet very smooth and quite operational. The volute design helps to reduce vibrations and shock losses, premature shaft fatigue and bearing failures, and radial thrust loads while prolonging mechanical seal life. The rear impeller vanes are designed to help assure proper lubrication of the mechanical seal cavity while balancing axial forces hydraulically.

Penguin series HV horizontal pumps are easy to assemble and disassemble. The pump bracket and half the volute are one piece, constructed of CPVC, there is no metal contact with the solution being pumped. If the HV series pump should accidentally run dry excessively, usually the seal insert can be replaced in lieu of replacing the entire pump housing/motor bracket assembly, thus saving costly repair/replacement dollars.

Penguin Vertical Sealless Pumps

Vertical sealless pumps are corrosion-resistant CPVC, polypropylene or PVDF construction. No metal contact. No pump bearings, bushings or seals. Self priming when immersed. Runs dry without damage. Temperatures to 250ºF. These vertical sealless pumps have applications for Sump Pumping / Draining, Transfer Pumping, Recirculation Pumping, Plating, Wet Fume Scrubbing, Waste Treatment, Wet Processing, Etching and Filtering. Penguin vertical immersible pumps are compact, portable, and self-priming when immersed. Simple in design and efficient in performance, this pump has only one moving part. 

Constructed completely of CPVC, polypropylene, or PVDF where in contact with the solution, this pump is suitable for pumping, agitating, fi ltering, or circulating acid and alkaline solutions (pH 0-14), abrasive fl uids, and other corrosive solutions. Maximum temperature ratings are as follows: CPVC-180ºF, polypropylene-150ºF, and PVDF-260ºF. Because PVDF is ultra pure, it is recommended for use in high purity deionized water, HF, and liquids that must remain contamination free. The Penguin vertical pump has a rigid, solid stainless steel, one-piece rotor drive shaft covered with a two-piece sleeve and impeller. Titanium shafts are available as an option. Because of the unique double impeller design, this pump has no seals, no pump bearings, no bushings, no wearing parts, and thus bearings, no bushings, no wearing parts, and thus requires little maintenance

Penguin Series P Series Vertical Centrifugal Pumps

Penguin sealless vertical pumps are designed to handle a wide range of chemicals without difficulty. Completely constructed of CPVC, polypropylene, or PVDF where in contact with the solution being pumped, series P pumps have an upper working temperature of 180/150/280°F, respectively, and thus can handle most corrosive, slurries, and abrasive solutions. Series P pumps are easy to install and operate. They have no seals or bushings, can run dry, and are virtually maintenance-free.

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Call our toll-free number at 1-800-213-4528 and you will be connected to a live person – not a recording. You can also use the contact form above for any questions regarding Filter Pump Industries products.