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GF Piping Systems develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water, gases and aggressive media.

GF Piping Systems is the global expert for maintenance-free and long-lived piping systems made of plastics.

Harrington is proud to serve as a distributor of Georg Fischer (GF), a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality piping systems designed for various industrial applications. GF’s comprehensive product range includes pipes and fittings, valves, automation, and control systems, catering to diverse industries such as automotive, chemical, water treatment, and construction.

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GF’s piping systems offer complete and reliable solutions, meeting the highest safety and environmental standards. With a focus on innovation and quality, GF remains a trusted leader in advanced industrial piping solutions. GF’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers through quality, innovation, and sustainability ensures that it will remain a leading provider of piping solutions for years to come. 

As a distributor of GF’s products, Harrington is proud to offer customers access to these top-notch piping systems, empowering businesses across various industries with efficient, reliable, and environmentally conscious solutions. Together, Harrington and GF strive to support and enhance industrial processes, delivering unmatched performance and value to their valued customers.

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Harrington is an authorized GF (Georg Fischer) distributor of various products, including their GF Signet line. Call our toll-free number at 1-800-213-4528. You can also use the contact form below for any questions regarding our GF (Georg Fischer) products.

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Georg Fischer Valves

Georg Fischer Valves - Manual, Pneumatic & Electric‎

Harrington carries a vide variety of Georg Fischer valves and is an authorized distributor of Georg Fischer LLC. Georg Fischer valves are available for a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. Available in CPVC, PVC and polypropylene, plastic valves are perfect for chemical and water applications. GF valves are easy to install with options such as threaded, flanged, or socket end connectors. 

GF Signet 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter

Connect up to 6 sensors with a daisy chain connection to the single transmitter

The 9950 boasts an array of standard features and options, enabling it to operate with increased flexibility compared to earlier GF instruments. Its utilization of a cutting-edge dot matrix display ensures effortless viewing and user-friendly menus. This, coupled with its capacity for both AC and DC power, as well as its compatibility with frequency, digital (S3L), and binary (switch) inputs, in addition to housing an onboard clock and calendar, opens the door to numerous novel application possibilities. Harrington carries an extensive selection of process instrumentation and control devices meticulously crafted to deliver precise and dependable monitoring and control solutions across diverse industrial processes.

State-of-the-Art Features

Compact yet powerful, the 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter offers two, four, or six channels with two passive 4 to 20 mA current loop outputs and an optional Modbus module. ​ Independent six-channel multi-parameter, flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, pressure, temperature, level, volume, salinity, dissolved oxygen and other (4 to 20 mA).

Advanced Capabilities

With onboard clock/calendar, derived functions, advanced relay operation and Boolean logic you have seemingly countless configurations to meet your process control needs. 

Streamlined Operation

Now with two, four and six-channel options, the 9950 can easily replace multiple transmitters in a system while offering advanced functionality.

Simplified Automation

Automate processes with math and logic-controlled relays.

With its six-channel capability, users can connect up to Six (S3L) sensors, or five (S3L) and one frequency, or four (S3L) and two frequencies, in addition to four binary inputs. Additional versatility is provided with its capability for multi-parameters through the support of the complete line of GF flow and analytical sensors, as well as other devices with a 4-20 mA current loop output when using the GF iGo module.

Extensive Compatibility

  • With the automatic recognition of GF Piping Systems sensors, operating your application from a single point is seamless.
  • Compatible with the full GF Piping Systems portfolio of flow, pH/ORP, conductivity, resistivity, pressure, temperature and level sensors.
  • Additionally, when adding GF Piping System valves and actuators, the 9950 Six-Channel Transmitter becomes a powerful solution.

The base models are equipped standard with two analog 4-20 mA loop outputs that can be expanded up to six with optional dual 4-20 mA modules. The analog outputs can not only be spanned for primary and secondary sensor signals, but also for the differential of two like sensors such as delta temperature, or the very important delta pressure across filters; these analog outputs can also be used to proportionally pace metering pumps, drive recorders, PLCs, SCADA, DCS. There are endless other input and output capabilities.

GF Signet Paddlewheel Flow Sensors

GF Signet paddlewheel flow sensors stand out for their remarkable repeatability and rugged build, delivering outstanding value while requiring minimal to no maintenance. The effortless installation combined with a track record of dependable performance characterizes these sensors, available in diverse materials to accommodate a broad spectrum of pipe sizes and insertion setups. The extensive range of material options, spanning PP, PVDF, and stainless steel, positions paddlewheels as exceptionally versatile and chemically compatible solutions for a multitude of liquid process applications. Harrington offers an extensive array of sensors meticulously engineered to offer precise and trustworthy monitoring and control solutions across a myriad of industrial processes.

Rotor-X Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Type 515
  • Non-powered
  • 0.3 – 6 m/s (1 to 20 ft/s)
  • DN15 – DN900 (1/2 to 36 in.)
  • PP 12.5 bar @ 20 °C (180 psi @ 68 °F)
  • PVDF 14 bar @ 20 °C (203 psi @ 68 °F)
  • 19.7 Hz per m/s nominal (6 Hz per ft/s nominal)
  • Wet tap sensors available
Rotor-X Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Type 2536
  • 0.1 – 6 m/S (0.3 to 20 ft/S)
  • DN15 – DN900 (1/2 to 36 in.)
  • DN15 – DN100 (1/2 to 4 in.) for PVC
  • PP 12.5 bar @ 20 °C (180 psi @ 38 °F)
  • PVDF 14 bar @ 20 °C (203 psi @ 68 °F)
  • PVC 14 bar @ 20 °C (203 psi @ 68 °F)
  • 49 Hz per m/S nominal (15 Hz per ft/S nominal)
Rotor-X Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Type 2537
  • 0.1 – 6 m/s (0.3 to 20 ft/s)
  • DN15 – DN200 (1/2 to 8 in.)
  • PP 12.5 bar @ 20 °C (181 psi @ 68 °F)
  • PVDF 14 bar @ 20 °C (203 psi @ 68 °F)
  • 4-20 mA, digital (S3L), flow switch or pulse outputs (based on part number)
Metalex Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Type 525
  • 0.5 – 6 m/s (1.6 to 20 ft/s)
  • DN15 – DN300 (1/2 to 12 in.)
  • 316 stainless steel
  • 103 bar (1500 psi @ safety factor 1.5) @149 °C (300 °F)
  • 39 Hz per m/s nominal (12 Hz per ft/s nominal)
Stainless Steel Paddlewheel Flow Sensor Type 2540
  • 0.1 – 6 m/s (0.3 to 20 ft/s)
  • DN40 – DN900 (1 1/2 to 36 in.)
  • 316 stainless steel
  • 17 bar @ 100 °C (250 psi @ 212 °F)
  • 49 Hz per m/s nominal (15 Hz per ft/s nominal)
  • Open collector output

Georg Fischer - GF Signet

Since the early 1960s, Signet has been developing and producing measurement technologies for a wide range of parameters; joining Georg Fischer in 1987. Engineered to provide reliable, accurate information, Georg Fischer / GF Signet instruments are used in applications ranging from water/wastewater treatment to chemical processing. Customers depend on Georg Fischer / GF Signet for high-quality flow and analytical products which generate reliable results for all process requirements. 

Georg Fischer Instruments

Georg Fischer Contain-It

The retrofit capability and chemical resistance of Contain-It make this an ideal choice for containment piping of chemical process lines. Contain-It requires fewer and less expensive tools than other containment piping systems. With Contain-It, there are no gaskets or hinges to align, which simplifies the installation procedures.

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